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House calls are back!

Landmark partners with health plans to provide in-home medical services to eligible patients. Landmark doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants do in-home check-ups, urgent visits, and post-discharge visits—on your schedule.

Landmark visits can help you:

  • Feel better and stay well at home
  • Avoid germs and doctor office waits
  • Save on medical costs
  • Learn about medications
  • Avoid the emergency room

Landmark answers your most commonly asked questions.

We've compiled answers to some of the questions we hear most.

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To find out if you are eligible, call Landmark directly at 1-877-240-3112 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Landmark providers come to your home to provide medical care whenever you need it. You can call Landmark for urgent medical needs, schedule house calls, or get medical advice, even on weekends and holidays.

Landmark helps coordinate care and set up services from other community resources. We provide extra support to help you feel your best. The Landmark team includes specialists such as behavioral health providers, pharmacists, social works, and nurses.

Services from Landmark are generally provided at no additional cost or co-pay for Medicare Advantage members. For patients with a commercial health plan, a co-pay similar to a doctor's visit will apply. Landmark may refer you for a prescription or service that is not provided by Landmark, which may incur added cost. Cost shares will be shared in accordance with your Evidence of Coverage.

You will continue to visit your primary care provider's office as usual. Landmark's house calls are offered in addition to care you receive from other doctors or specialists.

All Landmark providers are credentialed by your health plan. Landmark providers show you their Landmark identification at each visit. Our providers specialize in making medical house calls. Your family and caregivers are welcome to be there for Landmark visits. If you prefer, we can arrange our first meeting to be in a public place.

Each Landmark house call is personalized to your health needs. Landmark provides services much like those you would receive at a doctor’s office visit, but at a time convenient for you, and in the comfort of your home.
Landmark provides:

  • Initial visits to explain Landmark, understand your health, and discuss your goals.
  • Routine visits as needed based on your care plan.
  • Urgent visits when you are sick.
  • Post-discharge visits to your home if you have recently been discharged from the hospital or other facility. We help review your medications, make sure you understand your discharge instructions, and make sure follow-up appointments are scheduled.

Landmark services are optional. You do not have to participate unless you want to.

While care coordination is available by phone, we recommend most patients receive a visit at home to get to know your Landmark provider.

Landmark providers use your health information to help provide you with individualized care. We work with your Primary Care Provider to understand your care plan and work in partnership with your other doctors to help you stay well at home.

Here are some things Landmark patients have said:

“It gives me a great sense of security knowing that Landmark is here for me at all hours of the day and night.”
– Duane, Landmark patient

“The personal care and services I receive from Landmark have improved my overall health and wellbeing.”
– Rochelle, Landmark patient

“My Landmark doctor is very helpful. He spends a lot of time with me and answers all my questions. He also listens very well.”
– Kristine, Landmark patient

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